El reto de seguir una línea investigativa en el marco de la producción científica estudiantil

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uring the last few years, scientific research in undergraduate medical sciences has undergone a substantial transformation. With the creation in each higher education center of a student scientific group within the University Student Federation, considerable progress has been made in terms of organization and development of events where scientific results are shared. The methodological quality and impact of the research is considered higher than in previous periods, although there are still difficulties, especially in tutoring, generalization, and publication.1

Training comprehensive professionals in the medical sciences from undergraduate level requires intentional efforts to build capacities from investigative practice with competent teachers as mediators.2

Student scientific research is one of the main steps for the training of qualified professionals. In the last decade there has been an increase in the number of student magazines in our country and with it the number of published articles is increasing, but:

Does this increase in journals promote the proportional increase in scientific quality or does it favor its decrease?

With the publication of Ministerial Resolution 116/18,3 referring to the granting of the Award for Scientific Merit, which proposes a numerical score and with the background of some universities in the country of the use of quantitative scales to measure the much-mentioned "integrity". that favors the granting of academic benefits and job placement, there has been an increase in student participation in events as well as interest in publishing in scientific journals.

It is evident that in a high percentage of cases these participations and publications are linked to a common desire, integrality, it is so evident that in health science research related to student assistantships has been displaced and it is thus that You can see assistant students from clinical specialties as authors of surgical research and vice versa or something more interesting, see medicine and stomatology students at the mathematics and computing festival or at economics and business management events, tourism student events, etc. It is not that this is impossible and much less illegitimate, but where is the much-mentioned line of investigation?

The acquisition of knowledge is essential in undergraduate teaching and there are multiple investigations that are carried out throughout university life with the aim of acquiring this knowledge, but it is essential to follow a personal line of research, perhaps in the first years It is a bit embarrassing to decide on the content of the degree, but as you progress you must sift more and more in order to opt for a specific issue and not promote those curricula scattered in topics.

It is not intended to be exclusive in this article, and even less to devalue the usefulness of the Resolutions referring to Scientific Merit, but to reflect on the importance of following a research line, it is about rewarding the quality of scientific publications, their impact and the continuity of the themselves and not the amount.

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